WELCOME iNtuitive personality types, i.e.,  
INFP    INFJ    ENFJ  •  ENFP   

Find rare sisterhood, deeper connection, 
possibility thinking and personal freedom! 

Social Support Calls

FREE for a limited time during this period
of social and economical challenge

Shayla Roberts

Welcome Home on 

"iNtuitive Conversations"  

Available each weekday 

2:00 – 3:00 PM PACIFIC 

Call any weekday 
that works for you, 
even everyday! 

"This is a community I didn't even know I needed!"  

                         ~ Vicki

Why do "iNtuitive Conversations" feel so nurturing?


  • Feeling misunderstood, unheard 
    . . . by family of origin, society, etc.
  • Being unfairly labeled
    . . . as wacky, weird, bad or wrong, etc.
  • Achieving success 
    . . . but NOT FEELING successful. 
  • Accused of being a dreamer
    . . . as if that's a bad thing. 

unmatched support: 

  • Immediate safety and trust 
    . . . soak up the depth and difference.
  • Uncommon compassion from . . . women of wisdom who "get you."
  • A silent language
    . . . that only iNtuitives share.
  • ​​"iNtuitives-only" skills and abilities 
    . . . for thriving in a Sensate world.

juicy benefits:

  • Being in a sisterhood
    . . . of unconditional acceptance.
  • ​Plugging into internal stability 
    . . .
    and claiming new resilience. 
  • New freedom and confidence
    . . . new awareness and healing. 
  • Hanging out where being unique
    . . . is the norm! 
    . . . and not an accusation
The calls are available any weekday that works for you, even everyday!

"... where nurturers and healers come for nurturing!"  

                          ~ BMJ 

Comments from Callers

I've found a community of wise women peers who show up compassionately and authentic. I feel I'm coming home for the first time.


Every conversation is like peeling an onion that reveals deeper layers of what it's like to be an iNtuitive type personality. 


I look forward to these iNtuitive calls where nurturers get nurtured and healers get healed.


Superficial conversations are so exhausting! That's why I love these support calls, because they are deep, healing, and always life enhancing.


 We're all about supporting Women like you who are highly Sensitive, iNtuitive types, to feel safe being Seen, Heard, Understood & Valued!  Especially Now!  Because Your iNtuitive Qualities ignite important iNsights.


"I love being seen, heard & understood on these calls!"  

              ~a typical rave about the "iNtuitive Conversations"

 Do you relate to Anne with an E?

"I have come to the happy evolutionary opinion that I am unusual, and ... I embrace it!"  

        ~ Anne Shirley Cuthbert

        "Anne with an E" Netflix series, Season 3

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