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Attention, Highly Sensitive Women!
Do you have what you need to speak up for your dreams? 
The following message is for every highly sensitive woman who wants to feel absolutely safe to speak up powerfully whenever she wants...
( Even if your habit has been to hold back! )
From The hearts of: the wise women sparkle team
Hello Dear One,

We, as The Wise Women Sparkle Team and authors of several books and programs, including, Your Inner Child Get Acquainted KIT have in our combined wisdom, helped tens of thousands of women find their voice and power through various counseling, coaching, classes, and other transformative channels.

We’re here to share with you some lesser-known TRUTHS you need to know about bravely speaking up for yourself!

In fact, here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's that you express yourself from a very unique, intuitive-based "language" that most people just don't speak themselves or understand that you do. 

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse!  Why?

Because, like most highly sensitive or INtuitive–preference–type women, YOU may not even realize that your natural way of thinking and speaking and creating IS like a foreign language to most people!

Which means, your unique thoughts and ways–of–being are usually misunderstood, dismissed and rarely honored.  Sound familiar?

And, worst of all, most highly sensitive, iNtuitive women can't get past the idea that most people surrounding her in daily life will simply "never, ever get her," no matter how hard she tries. 
But luckily for you there's now a solution!!
But before we get into that, let us share some relevant back story with you.  Way back when…, as young, sensitive, naive iNtuitive–personality–types, we simply knew we had great things to contribute to the world, but we never knew how to get heard or seen or understood. 

The thing is, each of us were struggling with a familiar list of life long examples of being labeled the black sheep of the family, or called “overly sensitive,” or told “you're just too much,” which kept resulting in feeling unseen, unheard, dismissed or outcast, and sometimes even worse things (but we won't go into that here today). 

This biggest challenge also meant that very few people ever took us seriously enough in terms of our unique, multi-level ways of seeing and thinking about... well, everything

We realized that a world/spouse/or boss that couldn't understand us in the first place, was never going to hand us respect, encouragement , or a microphone.  We first needed to build our confidence from the inside out in order to find a way to bravely speak up about anything and everything –whenever we needed or wanted to. 
Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
When we learned and assimilated what it really means to have such a rare, iNtuitive-preference personality type, we started honoring ourselves. First, as the unique and complex women that each are, and next, by accepting that it's simply okay that we operate differently from-the-pack!

Instantly it became crystal clear how to enhance and apply most personal development tools & models to help us as iNtuitive-personality-type women in the rare task of unpacking and claiming our own personal gifts, sensitivities, dreams and missions!  We finally discovered we could speak up in the main-stream world, in their language, at least enough to create a bridge that allows us to get heard and valued. 

Our plan was to meet and support other highly sensitive women who wanted to gain more  confidence in voicing their own unique thoughts, feelings, and dreams while feeling ABSOLUTELY SAFE to do so.

So we started creating a really fun curriculum that could reveal and unlock this kind of deep confidence from within… But we didn’t stop there!  We drew from 90+ years of combined professional experience to perfect the curriculum. 

After that, instead of offering this to everyone, we decided to only offer it to other highly sensitive, iNtuitive-preference-type women, ... women who crave to find a world filled with acknowledgement and acceptance, like we've found. 

Bottom line:  We were able to create an entire platform where every iNtuitive-type female  member has a place to be understood, seen and heard. Unconditionally!  Period. 

Building on that success, we decided to somehow create a way to share this sense of acceptance and acknowledgement with even more amazing, highly sensitive, iNtuitive-type women (just like you! That's what we're guessing since you're still here reading, watching and curious!).  

Toward introducing YOU to this kind of safe–feeling that we’ve come to love so much, we wanted to create an invitation for you in the form of a personal growth program that can truly open you to having these experiences for yourself. And oh boy is this a wonderful invitation that we are delighted to share with you!
introducing ...
Your INNER CHILD Get Acquainted KIT: 
Meet your Inner Child ••• Speak your whole Truth
With “Your Inner Child Get Acquainted KIT” we can now guarantee that every curious ultra sensitive or iNtuitive-type woman has a way to discover how she too, can be seen and heard and understood, respectfully. 

Plus, even the wisest of women from the initial, greater community have RAVED about this new package of tools and insights contained within Your Inner Child Get Acquainted KIT!  

And that's why we’re so excited to share this with you!  We want you to get these kinds of results, too! 

So here's what we have for you today...

If you're someone who really wants to speak up powerfully whenever she wants to––yet rarely feels entitled enough to do so, then here's the solution you've been looking for...
Your INNER CHILD Get Acquainted KIT 
Helps You to:
  • Confidently speak up freely, bravely, – any time! 
  • ​Understand the complexities involved in being a unique, intuitive–preference woman.
  • ​Have a whole new sense of who you truly are.
  • ​Talk about your inner world in a way that others can understand.
  • Understand how your complex thoughts and feelings already work together in multi level ways...
  • ​. . . and much, MUCH more!
This entire "INNER CHILD KIT" is spot on!
"After completing all the pieces in my Inner Child KIT, I'll tell you that every single page had something on it that moved me emotionally, or mesmerized me with possibility. I kept saying to myself,  'THAT'S ME!, OMG THAT'S ME, too!  This whole program is spot on!  I'm learning to value myself after too many decades of not valuing me enough."
~ Debbie G., 59 years young
Portland, Oregon
And best of all... you'll start seeing results almost immediately by unpacking and applying the insights that you'll get for yourself while using "Your INNER CHILD Get Acquainted KIT."   
ALL this for less than it costs for one night of take-out, delivered with tip, sides, sodas, and spirits.

So again, if you know (or secretly know) yourself to be an out-of-the-box-thinking woman who wants to contribute to the world in ways that feels personally safe and satisfying to you, then we guess this about YOU:
  • You're fed up with feeling dismissed and invisible.
  • ​You’re tired of wondering where you fit in.
  • ​You're ready to solve the puzzle of who you are as a woman navigating daily life but without sacrificing her big dreams.
  • You're eager to understand and fully express your own innate super powers.
Let's dive deeper into...  
Your INNER CHILD Get Acquainted KIT: 
Meet your inner child • Speak your whole truth
Here's everything you're going to get:
MEET yourself right where you are
The MEET Your Inner Child ebook is your first dose of healing medicine.  MEET provides a rationale for why meeting your inner child is so powerful for you in your adult speaking up process. 

You'll see how the inner child part of you can nurture your  wise woman self with youthful energy and steer life in a direction that suits who you really, truly are.  

And, you'll see why a connection with your inner child will have you better equipped to express your feelings, "hurts," and other communications in non harmful ways, to yourself and others.
CARE – FAQs on why it matters
CARE is our version of Frequently Asked Questions on the value, healing potential, and safety of reconnecting with your inner child even though you're an adult woman.  

This ebook answers many commonly asked questions that any adult might have when considering the life enhancing resources of their own inner child.  For instance: 

• Why is knowing my Inner Child important? page 3

• What's in it for 'ME, the grown up" if I learn to connect with my Inner Child?  page 4

• Does my Inner Child have the power to sabotage my worldly success? page 5

FIND where your inner child is already alive & active in your life
When you read through FIND Your Inner Child, be prepared to have some tender moments as you identify areas in your life where the beauty and innocence of your inner child are already bringing richness and meaning. 

Read FIND for a surprisingly fresh perspective on how and why your inner child holds so many keys to getting what you want in life, including understanding yourself better, and having compassion for your so called "warts" and all.

You'll see how your big life areas are affected by your inner child, for instance:  
  • Money & Finances 
  • ​Romance
  • ​Career & Work
  • ​Health & Fitness 
  • ​​Personal Growth
  • ​and more
And Today, you'll receive these exclusive bonuses
Hands On Tool Experiential #1
Explain the Super Bonus
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Hands On Tool Experiential #2
Explain the Super Bonus
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Putting it all together

Honor yourself with plenty of time to digest each spoonful as though you were savoring juicy morsels that you've been craving all of your life.  You will begin to hear two voices getting stronger and resilient, that of your inner child, and that of the wise woman you are becoming.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee . (( this guarantee, or the one below, or a mixture?))
If "Your Inner Child Get Acquainted KIT" doesn't help you understand some of the complexities involved in being a unique, highly sensitive woman... if it doesn't open new doors to valuing who you truly are... or if it fails to inspire a glimpse of what we think we know about your unique you-ness -that is- that your sensitive nature is not only way more than okay, its a rare gift, ... then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked!  All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain in your journey of bravely speaking up!

RISK FREE 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you fail to notice any increase in your confidence or any budding connection with your inner child after implementing everything we show you, we will refund your investment 100 percent, or, we will treat you to a free training call to assist you – It's your choice!  That's how confident we are that this program can help you make a leap toward greater confidence in understanding your unique sensitivities and begin to bravely speak up for yourself!

Act Now - on this very special price!
Here's the Recap of EVERYTHING You'll Get ... in
  • MEET Your Inner Child - WHY it's important  ($19 Value)
  • CARE about Your Inner Child – The FAQ's   ($19 Value)
  • FIND Your Voice in 10 Key Areas of Your Life   ($19 Value)
  • PROTECT Your Inner Child – Experiential Workbook   ($47 Value)
  • EMBRACE Your Inner Child – Experiential Workbook  ($47 Value)
  • QUICK START GUIDE  – a pharmacy of potent medicines   ($17 Value)
total value: $172
For a limited time, you can claim it all...
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Dynamically Updated
Okay Wise Soul, here's to your journey of bravely speaking up for yourself and for your dreams!    
-Shayla • Bodhi • Martha • Mischa and Gandolfa of 
PS - If you're sick and tired of having your unique thoughts, feelings and dreams disregarded because most people just don't understand you, .... if you want to speak up bravely, then Your Inner Child Get Acquainted KIT is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!  - All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2019